61: December 2011: Jeremy, Whiskey and Grilled Cheese, Oh My.

How did you meet? online

Name: Jeremy

Height: 6'0"

Age: 35

Occupation: techie/computer business owner

Good quotes from date:

Him: "I was really nervous for this date. That's the little boy inside of me." (CUTE!)

Him: "You seem like a pretty happy person, like you could be happy in almost any situation."

Me: "I try to be."

Him: "Do you know what a listerv is?"

Me: "Of course I do! But tell me, what is Email?" (he can take my jokes - a good sign)

Why is he still single? He's new to online dating so I have a hunch he might be fresh out of a relationship. 

Did he pay for the date? yes. It was very sweet because our bill was not cheap.

Did he contact you after the date? I texted him right after to thank him again for the drinks and food. He texted back. We've had several email exchanges since our date and we have a 2nd one scheduled.

How many dates did you go on? 1 at the time of writing, 2 coming soon

Would you recommend to a friend? Not yet, I'm selfish. I want to see what happens


When a date tells me half way through the date that I'm the first person he's met from OkCupid I think a couple of things. 1) He probably just broke up with someone and he's looking to hook up with a bunch of women; 2) He's lucky because I'm a good date, but he's unlucky because it's downhill from here.

Ok, the second part of #2 may not be true but I did say that in jest to Jeremy on our date. I also resisted the urge to ask him about his past relationships because first dates should not go there. And we were having a great winter Sunday night date.

I love whiskeys and we tried a bunch of them at this new bar in my neighborhood. Did I mention they also sell grilled cheese sandwiches? This place is my slice of heaven. The bartender was super friendly and gave us a mini lesson about what we were drinking. We learned and drank and talked and talked for about 4 hours. He paid without hesitation and said, "You can pay on our second date."

There are many things I like about Jeremy. I like his positive attitude about life because it mirrors mine. He is grateful for what he has been given and constantly reminds himself that life short so he should get busy living.  In a city full of late-30's curmudgeons (many of whom I've dated) this is very refreshing.

Another thing I liked immediately: This guy is smart, wicked smart. With computers and things. Things I barely know anything about. Oh, how I love me a smart man. I also liked his puma high-top sneakers. And he talks about food and restaurants like me - in a vaguely sexual way.

I like that he emailed me the next day, which prompted a series of messages where we shared hilarious Youtube links to distract us from work. Dare I say I'm excited for our second date? Fuck it. I'm excited.