A Love Letter to 2012

Dear 2012,

Hello and welcome. I'm very happy to see you. Although 2011 was a wonderful year for me I have even higher hopes for you. When a new year arrives I like to write things down to make things happen. I don't call them resolutions because they aren't necessarily things I want to change, but rather they are things I want - to do or to see or to have - most of which are in my control. 

But some things still involve bigger forces like luck and fate and timing and the Santa Anna winds or El Nino or something similar. That is why I'm writing directly to you. Because this year I have one big thing that I'd like to happen. 

But, 2012, I have smaller things on my list too like: pursuing a different career path (which I'm working on now); taking a few trips - one snowboarding and one to Europe (hopefully for a few weeks); continuing to study improv and to get better; keeping my credit card bills to a minimum to save money for...a rainy day. I think all of those things I can make happen on my own. If I stay focused and stop buying so many shoes.

So, 2012 I need your help for the big thing. Because I'm ready but I can't do it all by myself.


Yeah, that's right I said it. And I'm still a feminist and a very happy single woman in her 30's. And that is exactly why I want one. I've grown so much in these two years being single. I've gotten to know myself, to love myself, and I've even learned how to date properly (not crazily.) I've learned that I still have room for more amazing people in my life. 

I don't want a boyfriend to fill any hole in my being. The truth is I don't have any holes. They have finally healed. And that is why I'm ready. Fully, wholly, happily ready to let someone into my life. Really in. All the way in. 


P.S. The sooner the better because I really enjoy cuddling in the winter.