Guest Dater: Denise's Passionless V-Day

100FD Questionnaire

How did you meet?

On a dating site (, we were both single for Valentine's Day last year, so I thought, why not?

Name: Ronnie

Height: 5" 10"

Age: 33

Occupation: Massage therapist

Good quotes from date:

Him: "Most women are worried when they find out they're getting a male masseur, but when they see me…they're happy".

Me: "Why, because you look gay?"

Why is he still single?

Most likely the massive ego.

Did he pay for the date?

We paid separately, which was fine with me.

Did he contact you after the date?

He sent a text a few hours after our date, offering to come over and make my Valentine's Day complete. I sent him a photo of my Grandmother asleep on the couch as a response. Never heard back from him after that.

How many dates did you go on? One.

Would you recommend to a friend? Only if I was mad at them.


I've actually had quite a few fun dates through online dating sites, but not every date is going to be a winner. This guy caught me on a pretty feisty day. Usually I wouldn't have been quite so direct with my dislike for him, but then again maybe he needed to be sent a little "hint" that his romancing techniques are a bit…off.


Hahaha! I just burst out laughing at your retort to his quote. I can't believe you passed up the opportunity to be massaged by an expert on Valentine's Day. Oh wait, yes I can. I've never heard of, but it seems like it doesn't live up to its name. Thanks for sharing!

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