News Flash: Fade to Black

Hitting Reply: Not Difficult

After four (great) dates, Date #61 faded away...

Over a few emails we talked about meeting up on a Sunday. He said he'd get in touch to firm up plans. Not hearing from him early Sunday, I texted him. He ignored my text message and I never heard from him again.

This dating project has taught me so many wonderful things about what I need and so did #61. He reminded me not only of what I need but what I deserve
  • Someone who is consistent in his actions not just his words (say what you mean, do what you say)
  • Someone who is respectful of me and my time (answer a text message)
  • Someone who is mature enough to communicate honestly (don't want to see me anymore? just tell me)
  • In short, someone who is trustworthy
I am thankful for the time we shared together.  And I am also thankful that he faded away because how he faded is important. 

...the end.