Will You Be My Valentine?


All of you are my valentines today. I'm very lucky to have so many lovers (readers).

Here is my gift to you...some wonderful/weird things to smile about today.

To Minnie Shank from Anna Miller, 1906

My grandfather likes to collect very old things. He had these antique Valentine's Day cards displayed on his mantel last weekend. Most are not between a man and woman or overly romantic. I wish you all happiness today (and everyday).

Peter Pan Bakery

The window of my local donut shop. As a person who doesn't like donuts, these are the only ones I will deign to eat. How good are they you ask? Tina Fey described them by


, "If I had a penis, I would put it in this doughnut."  I'll take a red velvet or a sour cream one please.

The flower district

An entire store just for roses in every color. I wouldn't mind an orange or yellow one today.


Saw this box of chocolates at the pharmacy. Unclear about the message. Is love like unicorns - magical yet mythical and therefore unattainable? Whatever the case it's weird. Do not give me this today.

Oh my god - this book. From A to Z the prose is both gut-wrenching and beautiful. Read this today.

Finally, literature and making out: Two of my very favorite things.