67. February 2012: Simon - Too Much Weight on One Side

How did you meet? online

Name: Simon (from the UK- OkCupid has me on a Euro kick)

Height: 5'9"

Age: 34

Occupation: digital media something

Good quotes from date:
"I have a movie projector at my apartment. I'm a nerd."

"I get really nervous on dates. I drank too much on my first OkCupid date and fell right off my bar stool."

After he tells me this story, the long, heavy oak "picnic" table we're sitting at starts to topple over because all the people on the other side got up at once. We had to jump up so we wouldn't get crushed and our beers spilled onto his lap (somehow I managed to stay dry). Apparently the table must have equal people on both sides at all times.
Hey, bar, that's a stupid table to have in your bar. He got a free drink out of it and then we moved to another bar for some wine.

Why is he still single? I don't know, he seems very sweet; also very shy.

Did he contact you after the date? He texted me right after our date and then I went on vacation. I texted him to say hello when I got back...we are in the small talk via text zone, so who knows?

How many dates did you go on? 1

Would you recommend to a friend? Sure

Since Simon didn't yell at me on our date it was already leaps and bounds better than date #66. He was very quiet and the initial conversation was strained, which is how I heard about the OkCupid story because that's the topic I resort to when I feel a lull in conversation. I thought it was pretty ballsy of him to tell me a story where he did something ridiculous - shows humility.

The post-date text was him telling me he got home safely and had a fun time. "You're hilarious!" he said. Then he made a joke about me pushing the table over.

As much as I really love when people think I'm funny (I mean, I do Improv for a reason)...I wonder if this is the best thing on a first date. Maybe it depends on the man, but in all of the first, blind, online dates I've had I haven't really seen the quality of "being hilarious" as a great thing. Many men tell me this during or post date never to hear from them again.

Is it possible to be both funny and sexy on the first date? I tone down my sarcasm and jokes the best I can...but I still want to be myself. Are men intimidate by funny women, and if they are I'm probably not compatible with them anyway - right? I don't know, these are just some musings so if anyone has any opinions write 'em in the comments. And be funny! Just kidding...or am I?