68. March 2012: Rich, Who Hates Stuff

Another good cup of coffee, another so-so date.

How did you meet? online

Name: Rich

Height: 5'11"

Age: 35

Occupation: web guy

Good quotes from date: 

Him: "I've never been anywhere outside the country besides England. For my 30th birthday I wanted to treat myself and go to Paris...still haven't been. I don't know why."

Me: "I love to travel!"

Him: "I hate the beach."

Me: "I love the beach!"

Him: "Fixed gear bikes are so hipster. I don't see the point of biking."

Me: "I love to bike. I'm not a hipster!"

Why is he still single? He's a curmudgeon

Did he contact you after the date? No

How many dates did you go on? 1

Would you recommend to a friend? If she doesn't like fun stuff, then sure.


You've read the quotes so I think you can see where this went - a quick ride to Nowheres-ville where all of my dates live. We had coffee and walked around my neighborhood on one of the many unseasonably warm March afternoons. It was a pleasant walk and he was nice enough but no sparkly sparks.

Now allow me to vent for a bit...

I don't want PLEASANT! I want HOT and HEAVY, or at least on the first date I want INTERESTING and POSITIVE. Universe, is this too much to request?

By now I've learned that most men are curmudgeons on the inside. They sometimes need a new person (woman) to expose them to new things or motivate them to break out of their routine. That's fine but try to keep it upbeat on date #1, dudes. Save the negativity for when we're in a serious relationship and I can tell you to shut up.