69. March 2012: The Date That Wasn't

Boy and Girl instant message on OkCupid on a rainy Sunday afternoon. After making each other laugh online they agree to try it in person. Girl gives boy her number. Boy texts two days later and they plan to meet on the following Saturday in Girl's neighborhood at 6pm. Boy tells Girl to choose venue.

Girl thinks about where they could meet. If it's warm they could be drinking cocktails on a rooftop, if it's cold they could be drinking beer by a fireplace. Girl texts Boy on Friday giving him two venue choices. By Saturday afternoon Girl has not yet back from Boy about venue. She texts Boy to confirm the date at 4pm. Boy does not respond until 6:05pm, five minutes past the time they planned to meet. Boys tells Girl he made other plans because he never heard back from Girl.

Girl is so angry she wants to throw her phone at a wall, but she likes her phone so she does not. "Are you serious?" Girl texts. "I texted you on Friday about places to meet. Thanks for wasting my time."

Boy answers immediately and claims he never received her text whereby he assumed that Girl was "Blowing him off." Girl wonders if many other online dates have blown Boy off and she decides it's very likely. Girl explains that when she agrees on a time and a place for a date that means the date is confirmed.

This pathetic interaction only confirms Girl's theory that every boy on OkCupid is an unaccountable flake who doesn't have the balls to confirm a date via text or (god forbid) a phone call. Instead he puts his tail between his legs and assumes he is being blown off. Girl does not wonder why these boys are single.

Girl reminds herself of two things she already knows but sometimes forgets:

1) Girl needs a man not a boy.
2) Girl needs to get the hell off OkCupid.

Girl makes other plans that Saturday night and has a rockin' good time. Hey Boy, fuck you.