The Time I Went to Portland, Oregon


I use this pen to write out my rent checks. I have had it since 2007. It's from a hotel in Portland, Oregon called The Northrup Station. The building inside is brightly colored, like this pen, with an art deco theme. Each room is different and quirky to distract you from the gray skies outside your window.

My ex-boyfriend and I stayed here together when we were in town for his twin brother's wedding. It was six months into our relationship and I was meeting his sister, her husband and kids, and his entire extended family. We got drunk, danced together, and ate everything delicious in Portland. I fit in well with his family, almost more so than my own. 

As I watched my boyfriend nervously give his best man speech, I imagined what his twin brother would say about us at our wedding. Being a part of that celebration made me feel like our relationship was serious and real and something that was going to last a very long time.

The relationship ended two and a half years later. This pen still writes.