Nugget O' The Day: Magically Creepy

Just because I'm no longer online dating doesn't mean I didn't save some delicious nuggets for you...

"Hope you have a fantaculous day!" 

- This guy gives nonsensical greetings all the way from Israel.

"I have to tell you your head is casting a weird shadow on your second portrait."

- This guy gives unsolicited dating profile advice all the way from Brazil.

"You create magic in pictures, especially with your hair."

- That is because unicorns live in my hair. (See guy from Brazil? Someone enjoys my artsy head shots)

"Can I borrow your smile?" 

Is this the end of a Law & Order SVU episode where the perp says while getting cuffed, "I didn't mean to chop off her head and put it in my freezer. I just wanted to borrow her smile for a little while..."?