The Summer of "What Are Men Really Thinking?"

Post horrible break-up in the fall of 2009 I spent far too much money on relationship books. (I even read Steve Harvey's "Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man" - god help me). I watched movies and matchmaker shows hoping to understand what my ex was thinking and feeling. As a logical person I tried to find a sensible explanation as to why he walked out on me (literally and figuratively) without warning.

These tools didn't really help me understand anything except that the keys to getting through a horrible break-up is therapy, supportive friends and family, and anti-depressants.

Oh yeah, and time. Time, which sometimes cannot pass fast enough.

Three years later and almost three quarters through this 100 first dates project, while I've learned more than I could imagine about myself, I still don't understand what men think about dating and relationships. But I shall try.

Forget the books, the movies, the matchmakers, and what your girlfriends tell you. This summer I'm taking a trip into the minds of men and you're coming with me. 

I'm lucky enough to have a few good men in my life (some old friends and some new) who are willing to talk honestly and openly about dating, relationships and love. 

In the next few months I will interview:  

  • A Single Guy
  • A Guy in a Relationship
  • A Married Guy
  • A Divorced Guy

I hope that my interviews inspire dialogues on this blog and in your lives. I hope that you'll talk to the men in your life - boyfriend, father, brother, cousin, friend, husband, coworker - about what they think and that you share it with others. 

I'm open to guest posts from you or from the guys themselves! So get talking with the menfolk...