74. June 2012: Mitch - Last OkCupid Date. Really.


How did you meet? online - my last one*

Name: Mitch

Height: 5'10"

Age: 34

Occupation: film guy

Good quotes from date:

(From his email to me on OkC)

I'm just super fascinated by the gauntlet you threw down of "I got 3 more dates in me before I hit delete." I found myself thinking that I kinda wanted to be a part of that - even if only from a sociological perspective.

(On the date)
"I actually know a lot about HPV."

Why is he still single? Not sure, seemed nice enough

Did he pay for the date?  Yes, a couple of drinks 

Did he contact you after the date?  No, but I thanked him for the drinks via text. I wanted to end my OkC journey as a nice person.

How many dates did you go on? 1 (but I did see him 2 days later here. In a theater of 1,500 ticketed seats, he sat in my row.)

Would you recommend to a friend?
Sure...he was a really sweet guy.


I highly recommend going on your "last date" all the time because I did not give a shit. To clarify -  I dressed up like this was a normal online first date, but did not care about what happened during the date or after. It felt like the last day of school before summer break when you go just because you have to, but you know you aren't going to do anything school related.

We sat outside on the back patio at one of my favorite new bars and after pushing through the painful small talk about where we work and where we grew up he asked me about my OkCupid experiences because he knew I planned to delete my profile. This prompted a two hour long conversation about dating and gender roles, dating and the internet, and how he will pay for a lady on a date but he'd really like to see "the reach" for the wallet whether she means it or not.

Honestly, I wanted to confess that I write this blog and interview him right there. He was incredibly open and even divulged an intimate story about the fate of the first person he met on OkC. They dated for a month or so and he really liked her but one STD and two awkward conversations got in the way of starting a relationship.

Which leads me to wonder this: When men talk to me on dates about their previous dates that include sexual details does this mean that they aren't interested in having sex with me? Or am I just easy to talk to?

If someone knows the answer to this please tell me because it's happened several times and each time it is more perplexing.

*Remember when I said I was going to schedule 3 final online dates? I only had energy for one.