Dispatches From The Perfect Storm - Aftermath

I'm incredibly lucky. 

I know this because I'm writing this from my bed in my apartment. Birds are chirping outside my window, and the brunch place across the street is open as if nothing has happened. 

But I know I'm lucky because the only other sounds besides the birds are sirens yelling - sirens from firetrucks, from police, and from ambulances. 

I know I'm lucky because I've seen the photos online of the devastation.

The East River has flooded the lower east side.

My friend who lives in that area is without power. There is this


of a Con Edison (the utilities company) plant exploding last night from flooding.

A building's facade was completely torn off near my subway station in the city: it looks like  a dollhouse.

Rockaway beach in southern Brooklyn is underwater and on fire. 

I know I'm lucky because last night I drank wine, ate dinner, and played board games friends. We never lost power. Everyone that I know is safe. I'm very, very lucky. 

Later, I'll walk outside and take some photos, where I will realize I'm even more lucky than I thought.