Dispatches From The Perfect Storm

It's 5pm here on the east coast and Storm Sandy is coming quicker than anticipated. NYC is pretty much shut down. The city that never sleeps is finally napping. Work is closed today and tomorrow. The tree outside my window is getting beaten up by the wind and rain. I have all of the provisions needed to weather this storm:

  • water
  • wine
  • beer
  • bread
  • peanut butter
  • cheese
  • a flashlight

I'm definitely going to live, right? 

I don't think tape is going solve this one, folks.

I just got back from the deli where I noticed that the only people outside right now are couples. They're buying booze and taking photos. I'll admit this would be an amazing time to have a boyfriend to come over and just hole up with me for days. No mass transit, possibly no power, just drinking and snuggling.

I spent most of the afternoon at my friends' apartment up the street because they have cable TV and the best stocked snack cabinet I've ever seen (3 bags of Goldfish!). But I had to hightail it back to my place in order to ensure that I sleep in my own bed tonight. 

These poor pumpkins were left outside.

Sandy and the full moon must be making people do crazy things, because I got a text from

work crush

this afternoon asking me what my storm plan. He NEVER texts me, usually just email and gchat and not on any regular schedule. He asked if I want to go into the city and drink? I'm wondering if he's living under a rock and doesn't know that the bridges are closed and that no bars are open. 

I'm also wondering why it takes a perfect storm to ask me to hang out. He must be really lonely right now. I'm just so amused by this person. This person who every time (three times so far) we hang out tells me that he doesn't want a girlfriend right now, despite the fact that I've never done anything to show him I want to be his girlfriend. It's true, I never contact him first and I never invite him out to do things. I'm really awesome he tells me, but he don't want a girlfriend. Thanks I heard you the first two times and I don't care.

The third time it happened while sharing a cab to Brooklyn I got so annoyed I interrupted him mid-diatribe and said "Hey I don't want to date you. And here's why..." He didn't like me giving him reasons why he'd suck as a boyfriend. He said he just assumed that all girls want boyfriends. Oh, how misinformed he is. No, sometimes we just want to make out with someone. And, yes,

work crush, I wouldn't mind having a boyfriend but that doesn't mean I want him to be you. 

Total mayhem. Garbage pails down on my corner.