I'm Sorry. I Lied. Don't Hate Me.

I got back on OkCupid two weeks ago. I know, I'm sorry, I told you I was through. And I was for almost 4 months! But such is the cycle of being single and a dating blogger. Dates are the key to the blog, people, don't ya see?

So yes, I started a whole new profile with a whole new (and very clever, might I add) username. I only answered 50 match questions (the recommended minimum) and I only posted the obligatory 3 photos.

I decided to NEVER email any guys. I let them email me. I hardly ever browse matches. I've chosen not to let OkCupid become an addiction where I need my fix several times a day.

Welcome to passive online dating, a method I believe could be the answer to all of my previous issues. 

I confess this to you because I have my first "passive online dating" date tonight. He was the only person I answered out of over 50 emails. His first message blew me away with references to several things from my profile and it seems like we have a lot in common. His pictures were cute AND he's age appropriate. Try not to get too excited. I'm not saying this guy is the "one" but maybe he'll be different and this date will be fun, carefree and crazy-free. Wish me luck, my friends. You know the details will follow.