OkCupid Event Review

Did you know that OkCupid now hosts events in certain cities? It's true. I went to one last week with a friend - Trivia Night at a bar. Here is how that went:

  • The women there outnumbered the men.
  • The women there were significantly hotter than the men.
  • The two men on our team were two of the most socially awkward people on earth.
  • My friend and I left after 2 rounds (there were 5) because we started to feel awkward ourselves.
  • We went to a different bar and met a group of dudes who were drunk and friendly.

The guys worked together on a reality TV show. One of them was 27, from LA, only in town the show, and oh-my-god adorable. Like so-cal surfer longish hair, laid-back adorable. We don't get that much here in NYC. We chatted all night. He asked me to come home with him. 

Instead, I suggested he walk me outside to make out on the street. And so we did - New York style...up against a newspaper kiosk next to a pile of garbage. "Welcome to NY", I said as I hopped in cab home. 

I guess, indirectly, the OkCupid event was a success. The event got me out of my house and to a bar that led me to another bar where I met a cute boy. So there's that.