Nugget O' The Day: Deja Vu Again


How was your Thanksgiving? Did you stick around town? I hung out with some family in town, and my only regret is that I didn't eat more.

Are you writing stand-up? A friend from an improv class took a stand-up class at the Gotham Writers' Workshop and loved it. I've been tempted, but have yet to take the plunge. And it sounds like you're doing improv too? I took classes for about a year in Seattle and I think it's part of the reason I moved here. The "yes" part, anyway. And I've been and-ing the shit outta this place since I got arrived 2 years ago!

Curious to hear more.


Dear Curious to Hear More,

Here's something you might want hear. We've already met. When? About a year ago exactly. For our first date we went to a museum and to an Indian restaurant for dinner. It was a cold Saturday night and I had an improv show after so our date began in the late afternoon.

For our second date (which I didn't even post because I was too caught up with Jeremy, #61), we went to see an improv show at the theater where you took classes. Then we walked down to the village to eat at a really good Italian restaurant that you knew about. You were very kind and paid for me. We walked down into the subway afterwards and things got awkward.

I wasn't into you, although I thought (and still do) think you're a great guy, the make-out factor was missing. I swiped my card and pushed through the turnstile and waited for you to do the same. You tried to but needed more money on your card. I heard my train coming and you told me to go ahead. We embraced over the turnstile quickly and then I ran away to the train. 

You emailed me after that date some small talk. Testing the waters, I guess? I responded something nice back but did not mention about meeting up again. Neither did you.

That should fulfill your curiosity. One question - Am I really that unmemorable?


P.S. I have a new OkCupid screen-name so maybe that threw you off.