Nugget O' the Day: Of Note

I got a message today and I did what I usually do. I checked out the guy's profile. This what he wishes to leave everyone with who reads his wonderfully engaging profile. 

He says under his "You Should Message Me If"...

Of note:

Attraction is mental and physical!!! If your not visually attracted to me then move on and hide me from viewing you.

IF your pictures are only taken of you smiling and all I see is your face from chest up, OR your hiding your physique behind your friends (your friends might be more what my eye sees), OR you are taking pics with your parents (we all have em), OR your pics doesnt show fun or that your active, OR you don't feature one pic of you head-to-toe then please move on.


I'm sure you can all guess that this guy doesn't have the most pleasant physique, but he'd sure like you to!