An Overdue Year End Wrap Up 2012

Holy hell. It's 2013. And it's almost spring. Looking back on 2012, it was a slow dating year but an amazing life year. The way it should be. 

I focused on myself, comedy, the new friends in my life, and I made a career change. Overall a kick-ass year. Dating took a back seat and I don't regret that. I'm 19 dates away from the magic number 100 but I know that the real magic lies in the present, not the past or future. 

100FD Stats 2012

  • 15 first dates 
  • 4 months off from online dating 
  • 2 second dates or more 
  • Numerous make-outs with guys I did not meet online

Also just for fun, I've charted below all the bars in my Brooklyn neighborhood that I've had more than 1 date with since this project began. 

Hotel Delmano is still my favorite date spot. It's got old-timey cocktails and pictures on the wall, bartenders in suspenders, and you can always find a cozy corner to chat. 

For at least 5 dates I've ended up at the Roebling Tea Room, which is interesting because I don't like it there. The food and service are questionable, although one time I saw Bill Murray there so I guess it's got some pizzazz. 

Spritzenhaus is my favorite afternoon bar especially in the winter because it's close to my house and it has fireplace. Although you leave the place smelling like firewood you don't care because you played Jenga and ate tasty German sausages. What's not to like?

Night of Joy is a cute spot that resembles your grandma's house with a great rooftop for summer nights and deliciously weird cocktails that may or may not involve beet juice. Having said that, no dates I've had here have gone well, but it is where I first met Office Crush. 

So far 2013 is as slow as the end of 2012. No makeouts (this really is unprecedented), only a few dates and my last two scheduled OkCupid dates cancelled on me never to be heard from again. Next month I'm getting back together with my boyfriend improv (we've been apart for 4 months) and he never ever disappoints.