Safety Not Guaranteed

I just watched the movie Safety Not Guaranteed, which stars two of my actor crushes (Jake and Mark). It is about time travel and love. Two things that don't work without trust. 

The other night someone asked me what my relationship baggage is. In the world cargo plane of relationship baggage I think mine is relatively light, but it definitely exists.

Sensitivity. I'm sometimes insensitive to other people's needs. While other times very sensitive about really small stuff. 

Trust. It takes me a very long time to trust someone because it means I have to be vulnerable. I'm not good at being vulnerable. I never have been. I like to be strong for everyone around me because I'm better at that. This why I make jokes. Jokes are my armor. 

Every once in a while, like after watching this movie, I'm reminded that I need to unpack my bag and reevaluate if I really need everything in there.

And then I remember that I can choose to throw my whole bag out the window, hold someone's hand, shut my eyes and TRUST.