Why Tinder is HOT and OkCupid is Really NOT

OMG. Tinder What are you? Where have you been? Why are you so spectacular?

Let me count the ways: 

  1. You show me men nearby on my phone
  2. Swipe to left if I don't like him
  3. Swipe to the right if I do 
  4. You tell me if we matched immediately
  5. I could write him now or later
  6. You tell me if we have Facebook friends or likes in common
  7. You tell me his real first name and age
  8. You won't tell me his height so I can't be prejudiced
  9. You let me judge based on just photos allowing me to be completely honest with myself since I do that on OkCupid anyway
  10. You are in touch with reality
  11. You are instantly gratifying
  12. You might just be about sex...
  13. But I don't care
  14. You've connected me to a really interesting man with an accent and we've been on 3 dates...*
  15. OkCupid has NEVER done that

*Stay tuned for posts on my dates with the mysterious man from Latin America. No sex to report.