Guest Post: Up in Flames - Guys, This One's for You

Up in Flames

By Beth Hicks

Improvisor extraordinaire & co-host of the best Podcast in world, Jarring Segue, now on itunes.

In honor of our bloggess’s fabulous post about Tinder men and their tiger pictures, I’ve cobbled together a list of advice for dudes who want to find sex, love, or rock and roll with chicks on Tinder.

Five Tips for Tinder Dudes Looking for Lady Love

1. Your picture(s) should show your best side.

This is your first impression! And that impression should not include clown make-up(true story) or loving shots of your wedding(another true story).

2. Your first message should be better than a hey.

Is this 6th grade? Don’t just say hey. Ask a question. Send a compliment. Say something interesting about yourself. Again, first impressions, dudes. They’re important.

3. Don’t ask for sex within two messages.

Being bold is fantastic. Being crude is gross. At least propose drinks before suggesting naked time.

4. Block women who don’t do it for you.

A long list of ladies you’ve matched with may be good for the ego, but a list of women you’re actually into makes your life easier and your intentions clearer.

5. Have fun.

Seriously. Laugh. Joke. Play. The best experiences I’ve had on Tinder so far have involved silliness with men I haven’t even met. This is a bare bones dating app not a UN meeting. Save the philosophy for drunken nights in Williamsburg.