Public Dating Announcement for the Jerk Ladies

My lovely man-friend who I will call Dave met a girl he really liked on OkCupid. Dave, like me, doesn't like-like too many people. He's picky in the good kind of way. 

Dave and this girl had a great first date - drinks, live music, laughter. Dave tried to schedule a second date via text and got a half-assed response. He tried again and got no response. He got upset and angry and has a message for all of us ladies:

Please let women know that ignoring messages is the cowardly way out of a relationship, even if a budding one. People should respect each other enough as fellow humans to let each other down to their face, instead of expecting time to do the work. Time doesn't offer closure. 

It hurts either way so might as well rip the bandaid off so everyone can move on. 


This is depressing for me to learn that women are behaving in the same shitty ways as men in the dating world. Let's all sign a dating pact to: 

  • Not be jerks.
  • Do to others what you'd like done to you. (I mean textually not sexually)*


*Or do I? Um, yeah so my subconscious needs to get laid.