89. September 2013: Sean Hopes I Like Chest Hair

How did you meet? Tinder

Name: Sean

Height: 5'8"

Age: 29

Occupation:  lawyer & funny man

Good quotes from date(s)

Him: I just got out of a six year relationship. It was polyamorous. 
Me: I have a million questions.

Him: I'll walk you to the subway so I can make out with you. 
Me: Okay.

Me: I have a confession to make. I have a blog. About dating. 

Why is he still single? He's just back in the dating world. 

Did he pay for the date?  Yes. He was a gentleman.

Did he contact you after the date?   Yes. Texting of course. "Voice communication? What are we married?"

How many dates did you go on? 1 (2nd is scheduled)

Would you recommend to a friend? Nope. Me, me, me, me!


Why was this such a good date? Did it help that Tinder told me we had a comic friend in common that led me to discovering his last name that led to a fruitful Google search? Sure. 

Did it help that before we met he sent me a picture of him shirtless in gold pants with a painted face and said "Hope you like hairy men."? Sure did. 

Though not because I love hairy men because it was a test. How would I respond? It was a test of sense of humor and I've got that. I passed with flying colors and said "I hope you show up wearing this same outfit." 

There was a good chance he was a crazy person but being a comic I knew that was a possibility. I laughed out loud at that photo and that's my test. 

Sean did not wear gold pants or face paint and managed to put on a shirt for our date. He walked into the bar, smiled and disarmed me. I felt myself being myself immediately. We shared the kind of first-date laughing that you only see in sappy rom-coms that you make fun of out loud, but secretly wish happened to you more often. I was funny right back. 

It was a night of tests. I was fresh back from France and wearing a dress. I wanted him to notice my tanned legs. He did. He told me about his recent long-term relationship, the polyamory, the ex, the partying that led to the break up. He answered all of my questions.

I was swimming in a warm pool of rosé and Sean's openness. I confessed that I write about dating. I've never told anyone that on the first date. He reacted positively. Another test. But for him or me?

For me - to try something new, to be more open, to see if that could lead to a whole new experience. We made out before I hopped on a train. He tasted good.