One month in Sydney. I worked, I lived, I Tindered

Sydney is a beautiful place. 

People are laid-back in a way that New Yorkers could never, ever be.

Any city that has lovely beaches less than 20 minutes away is my kind of city. And by lovely, I mean blue-green water, white sand, and hot, hot surfer dudes. Here is some of what I saw:

On Tinder

Besides the tiger pics, which are a global phenomenon, I also noticed kangaroo pics (cute) and snake pics (creepy). Yeah that's right, Justin, I assumed creepy. 

I like that he's casually iphone-ing while ensconced in reptile. 

Incoherent, badly spelled tag lines also plague the globe. I think he's 

5'9", not aged 59, but w

hen you're looking for something as reall as this guy, you don't have time to waist on punctuation or grammar.

How dreamy is Luke? He like almost every guy on Tinder has surfing pics and/or mentions surfing in his tag line.

In Life

The beaches were awash with man-eye-candy. Tan bodies, muscley backs, voluptuous butts. Could. Not. Contain myself. 

The name of this beach is Manly beach. DONE. 

In the same day I pet a kangaroo, a koala

, and a wombat. Pretty much the best day ever.   Of my life.

This kanga got friendly with my friend.

Nelson Bay, two hours north of Sydney. A piece of heaven.