Q&A: Where Are They Now?

Hank, in his comment on date 91, has one complaint: "I hate when I don't know what happened after the date(s)!"  So, Hank, like the always entertaining VH1 show "Where Are They Now", here is the 100FD version.

Date 85 - Lucas and I had three fun dates, and a fourth group "date" where he came to my improv show and hung out with my teammates afterwards. That was the night I had to man up. When he told me he really liked me and wanted to date me seriously, I told him I thought he was a great guy but that for me the chemistry was missing. It was hard to do. It was necessary to do.

Date 86 - I never heard from Matt again, which was just as well, because I was bored on our date...until I did hear from Matt again. Two months later he texted me, asking what the statute of limitations was on having a second date. I did not respond, but FYI it's definitely less than two months. I felt sad as his loneliness was palpable.

Date 88 - My summer fling with the Chilean ended sadly as you may have read. I'll never know why he behaved the way he did. I felt sad as his fearfulness to open his heart was palpable. 

Date 89 - Sean and I had a kick-ass first date and scheduled a second one. Then he rescheduled it. Okay fine. Then we had a kick ass second date of wine and cuddling while watching Homeland on his comfy leather couch. We scheduled a third date and rescheduled again, very last minute. Not okay. I told him he was being rude and disrespectful of my time. He apologized and said his was a hot mess.

I gave him another chance and agreed to reschedule our third date. Although my instincts told me he would cancel again, I dressed that morning -  a dress, tights, and boots - as if I were going on a hot date. Because I needed to feel good about myself. 

As predicted, Sean called that afternoon to cancel. He explained that he wasn't in the right headspace to date again after his break-up and he was very sorry. Maybe we could reconnect after my work travels. I thanked him for being so honest and direct with me (unlike the Chilean), and for picking up the phone because I knew it wasn't easy. I felt sad because his confusion was palpable. But I was still dressed for a date...

One thing I've learned about dating, technology, and myself is that if I want a date I will find one. So that same night I did - on Tinder. I met date 94 and had one of the best first dates I've ever had.