46.2 July 2011: Brian #2, Holy Crap a Third Date!

The only Brian left I probably don't need a number next to his name anymore. The only 3rd date I've had...hmmm...all year? I probably need to marry the guy.



How did you meet? online

Name: Brian, the artist 

Height: 5'11"

Age: 37

Occupation: artist

Good quotes from date:  

Him: "Are you going to let me kiss you?" (before the kiss)

"What's your last name?" (after the kiss. Oh, online dating, you are so mysterious and weird.)

"So I'll call you or something. I'm not sure how this works. I never get this far."  (at the end of the date)

Me: "I'm sure we'll figure it out." 

Did he pay for the date? yes! Dinner was his idea, he invited me out, he picked the place. As soon as the check came, he said, "I got this" and threw down his card in record speed. I can't tell you how sexy I find this. Not the money part (the bill was not expensive) - the take charge part.


Third dates are carefree! I felt excited to meet up with this guy because:

1. I already know what he looks like
2. I know that we are capable of having good conversation

Two ingredients for a good date.

Third dates are great because you're over the 1st and 2nd date jitters and you can really get to know each other. I found out that Brian is really, really funny - in a sarcastic way. Just the way I like it. A few times I found myself laughing uncontrollably (and i wasn't faking it).

The date details:

After a good meal at a local Chinese place, I bought a bottle of wine. We stopped at my place to fill up some plastic cups, and moseyed to the park across the street. We laid in the grass in the dark. We talked for a while about art and life. I didn't care about the dirt on my feet or the mosquitoes bites on my legs.

It reminded me so much of high school I wanted to cry. Summer nights lying in the woods with my crush, talking, kissing, gazing at stars and listening to cicadas. Never wanting the night to end. 

Brian dropped me off at my doorstep with a hug and a kiss and a plan for a next date. And just like that - chemistry. Maybe I've been wrong about it. It isn't always instant. It grows. It surprises - even little old me.