What Happened When I saw Date 82 Today

I stepped onto the L train for the usual morning torture. I leaned against the door and started reading the news on my phone. 

I felt someone staring at me. I looked up and across from me sat none other than my "worst date of 2013" - date 82. I quickly looked away hoping he didn't see me notice him noticing me. It. Was. AWKWARD. 

I pretended to read the news, while remembering the horrible time we had together a few months back. The worst part of it is, he's still cute. Beautiful blue eyes. The best part is, I looked good. 

Unfortunately for him I stood right in the front of the door he needed to exit through. Before his stop he got up and stood 2 inches away from my face for the door to open. What could I do? I looked up and smiled. He smiled back. Then I went to work. The end.