With Tinder I'm Never Sad or Lonely

Sometimes I Tinder on the toilet. 

Good for a laugh, good for a shit, and

 always better shared with friends. 

Texted my friend this pic.

Her: Jesus not again. 

Me: Always and forever. 


"Jackass! You can't see the baby tiger's face. What if the ladies think it's a fake?" 

"Yeah, that's right, buddy. Money shot."

I'm hypnotized...I want to...swipe...right.

Who needs men AND tigers when we can have men IN tigers? 


One bird, one reptile, imagine what he can do with the snake in his pants. 


Jesus-mother-of-god. I've seen the devil and it is he. 

*Have you seen any creep-show photos? Please share with me 100fd@100fd.com. I like laughing.