3 Weeks and 2 Days

Apparently March is "random-numbers-who-text-me" month. While out with friends a few nights ago i got yet another mysterious message:

Random Number: "(insert my last name*)!"

*The last person that called me by my last name was my high school gymnastics coach

Me: "Yes. who's this?"

Random Number: "Gabe, met you at (insert local bar here). We had wings.*

*Ah, Gabe, the guy I met after date #36 kinda, sorta stood me up and we had a lovely make out session. Oh, and for the record he had wings; i had a chicken sandwich. 

Also for the record, he waited 3 weeks (!) to reach out - in new york time that might as well be 3 years.

By this time i'm 3 cocktails into the night and i'm telling my girlfriend how i'm still kind of excited that he finally texted because he's a great kisser.

My Girlfriend: "you should ask him why he waited 3 weeks to text you!"

Me: "i know i should! who does he think he is?!"

So i text back...

Me: "Oh yes, how are you?" (see how I'm playing it cool here?)

Gabe: "i'm doing well, i just moved today. I thought you might like to grab a beverage sometime and watch car racing." (a joke - this was on tv when we met)

Me: "yes, sir. i'd like that."


Comments:  i haven't heard anything from him and that was 2 days ago. And let's be honest "sometime" to him could be in another 3 weeks.

I could make a million excuses for this guy such as, "he works bi-coastal", "he was moving and men can't multitask", "he was dating someone else and they broke up", "he is still dating someone and she is out of town", but i won't because it doesn't matter.

In my old-fashioned book (or blog) if a man likes a woman he will NOT wait 3 weeks to reach out to her. Even if he is in another country, moving out of a 21 room mansion,  and has 8 girlfriends, i truly believe he WILL find a few seconds to send a text message.

I'm glad March is over.