Less Writing More Talking = A Talk Show

It's that time of year where I stay in my pajamas on weekends for much of the day, eating pancakes, existing horizontally on my couch for more hours than vertically, and consuming 8-10 hours of [insert any of the following shows - Downton Abbey, Law & Order SVU, Portlandia, The Mindy Project, New Girl, American Horror Story...I will stop there before you think I'm a total loser].

A few Saturdays ago I wondered if maybe there were better ways to spend my free time and I came up with at least one - a talk show. 

Starting this month, I will be co-hosting a talk show with my funny, writer friend CJ, who was my partner in crime from a past dating radio show on Ese Rules (5/30/12 episode). We'll post the shows here on 100FD.

We have been living and dating in NY for over a decade so naturally have ridiculously funny and sad things to talk about, but we want this to be YOUR show too.

Maybe there's something you won't talk about, but don't worry we will. Nothing is forbidden. 

What would you like to hear about? 

Do you have any dating, love, relationship questions? 

Do you have stories to share?  

Tell us below (or email me 100fd@100fd.com)

Totally optional, but if you share a name we'll reference it.
Ideas, suggestions, stories, questions, other random stuff?