Make a Plan. Call it a Date.

My girlfriends and I sit around and talk a lot about how we love it when men plan the first few dates; when they take the initiative; when they make decisions in the early stages of dating. We like it, we want it and yes! we are still feminists. We like it because it makes us feel like the man is really, truly interested in us. We feel special and if we feel special we will eventually put out. 

I know some men who won't even call an evening out with a woman they are attracted to a "date". We're just "hanging out" they'll say. To that I say, "Really? Do you want a woman or a girl?"

Because a woman won't consider having sex with you after an amazing evening of "hanging out" where you split the check and was too lazy to walk her out of your way to her car or train. It's so, so simple.This article pretty much nails what we want and was written by a man so I don't really need to say more.

Speaking of a man with a gay husband is visiting this weekend and already has a sex date planned for Saturday afternoon at 1pm. Let's break this down:

1. It's Monday
2. Plan is for Saturday (with a time established)
3. Date is for sex only 
4. Being gay seems really easy and totally awesome

To all the men out there straight and gay: Make a plan. Call it a date. Get laid (eventually).