5 Days Left...5 Rom-Coms to Inspire Our Date

5 days left until Mr. 100 is named. Are you the man of my dreams. Or at least the man of my movies? Here are my top 5 favorite romantic comedies that will inspire our date: 


1. When Harry Met Sally - Let's see art and exchange witty banter in funny voices at the Met.

2. Wedding Singer - You can serenade me with Billy Idol as backup. (If you really know Billy Idol, I will stop this contest right now).


3. Sleepless in Seattle - Let's hold hands on the top of the Empire State Building and pretend it's not freezing up there, and it's not weird that we met on social media.

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Let's jump on a train to Montauk and walk on the beach. Then if our date sucks, you can have your mind erased. BUT TRUST ME IT WON'T.

5. Chasing Amy - We can exchange more witty banter and flirt deliciously over cheap beers and darts. Our first kiss will be passionate and wet in the rain. Then you can get really insecure about my previous sexual experiences and dump me, so I can go back to dating women who are way easier to deal with because they openly express their emotions...I MEAN...I don't know where I was going with this, but really this is one of my favorite movies and not just because of the early 90's fashion. Let's not analyze it. 

7 Days Left...7 Reasons to Be My Date

There are only 7 days left to audition to be my 100th date (deadline Oct. 15). A few people have asked why they should be my date...

If it isn't already totally OBVIOUS, here are 7 reasons why: 

1. I have a face

2. I am fun!

3. I am funny!

4. 100 is a nice round number

5. We'll pretend we're not jaded and do NY things that regular New Yorkers never do 

6. Autumn dates in NYC are MAGICAL 

7. I'm looking for the real thing - love