Weird Things People Google to get to 100FD


You won't get too much of that here, son.

Why being single is awesome:

I'm not lying! I swear, it's fun. Read my blog. You don't believe me? Eff you!

"Gabe" herpes okcupid: 

Whoa, whoa, hey many Gabes have I dated from OKC?

Hipster speed dating:

Do not try this at home.

First date apologizing over awkward silence:

Oh he/she seems nice. It's awkward for us all.

First date breakup:

If you've only gone on one date it ain't a break-up, honey.


Nice work! Not sure why you made it one word but who am I to judge? Keep doing whatever you're doing.

Crap first date:

You've come to the right place!

Thoughts for couples:

You've come to the wrong place!

First date gentleman no chemistry:

Sadly, this is THE place for that.

Sadly, this is the WRONG place for that.

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