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As this project comes to end, something else will begin. I don't what yet, but I'm excited and am taking this time to reflect on everything. My essay for Women's Health Magazine. 

I need more head scarves in my life.

I need more head scarves in my life.

I never planned to go on 100 first dates. In fact, I never planned to date again, because my boyfriend Zach and I were going to get married. We had been together for three years, we were in love and on the same page about building a life together. Our wedding would be on a beach, and we would settle in on the west coast near his family. Life was finally happening!

Until it wasn’t. Zach abruptly broke up with me during a fight. He left my apartment, refused my calls, and a week later sent me a breakup email. Shocked? Yes, me too.

I endured the normal break-up emotions of depression, anger, anxiety, and the normal break-up activities of crying, drinking wine, eating ice cream, talking to a therapist, talking to my friends, and drinking more wine. After about six months I felt ready to get back out there—into the New York City dating market—which, of course, was now dominated by online connections. I created an OkCupid profile, chatted with guys, and went out on a lot of “dates."

I say “dates” because they felt more like meet-ups, hang outs, or job interviews. I didn’t find a boyfriend but I did find...

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