100FD Guest Dater: Frictionally Unemployed Takes a Dip

My Millenial BFF although incredibly online savvy has been very hesitant to dip her toes in the online dating pool. Maybe she's read my blog? Finally she takes the plunge and it goes...OK. Not bad, not good - I'd say that's just right for your first time.

100FD Questionnaire

How did you meet? Online

Name: Jesse

Height: 5'6 ft 

Age: 26

Occupation: Freelances for a TV/radio news program and teaches the history of NY part-time

Good quotes from date: 
"Did you know that Chinatown buses are 7x more deadly than any other mode of transportation?" (I just looked this up, and the death rate is 7 times that of competitors)

"That's a good thing about being Indian. We're everywhere."

Why is he still single? He's not very interesting.

Did he pay for the date? Nope. 50/50.

Did he contact you after the date?
How many dates did you go on? 1
Would you recommend to a friend? A very vanilla friend.

There was nothing wrong with the guy, the date was just a total flatline. It was like having dinner with a relative I'd never met before. And judging from his inability to keep any sort of eye contact, his posture, and his ill-fitting clothes, he may not be very confident. To be fair though, it was my first OkCupid date and I agreed to it because I knew he wouldn't be very intimidating. It was my way of dipping my feet in the water, which in hindsight is a little selfish since I wasted his time. But hey, he didn't pay and we went to dinner across the street from his apartment so... I didn't put him out that bad. While this experience didn't necessarily leave a bad taste in my mouth or anything, it certainly has me thinking that online dating will be a lot more of sifting through the duds than I originally anticipated.

I'm getting tired of my dates. I want to hear about yours (good or bad). Fill out my questionnaire, and email it to: onehundredfirstdates@gmail.com. You know you want to.

100FD Guest Date: Melissa's Luscious Lips

100FD Questionnaire

How did you meet? We met at work, he works in a different department but his cube is 50 feet away from me.

Name: Grant

Height: 6 ft

Age: 25

Occupation: Loss Prevention at a Corporate Office

Good quotes from date:  

"You don't have to pay for me, I can get my dinner" - me

"It's ok, I'm a gentleman... and I get 5% cash back on this credit card." -him
  (I laughed so hard!!!!!!)

 "I really like your lip gloss" -him

 "These jeans are so tight, I don't want to be fat like this forever." -him

Why is he still single? recently graduated from college (took him a while) and moved to Dallas, he's still figuring out what he wants to do... but I don't think he'll be single for long

Did he pay for the date? Yes

Did he contact you after the date?  Yes, he texted immediately after and said he had a great time... and that he REALLY liked that lip gloss (too much?)

How many dates did you go on?  So far we've been on three... tonight* was supposed to be 4 so we could watch the Rangers win the world series, but the game was postponed so we're going out tomorrow. 

* last week

 Would you recommend to a friend? Yes... he's very sweet, very much a gentleman and overall a great guy to be around.


This guy does sounds like a gentleman. A gentleman who is interested in lip gloss (his way of hinting that he wanted a kiss?) in the way his jeans look, and in treating a lady to dinner. What will he do with his 5% cash back? I'm hoping he'll spend it on you on some future dates. Please keep us all updated and ask him if he has an older, single brother who lives in NYC. Oh, and also please send me a tube of that fabulous lip gloss.


Yesterday's update from Melissa: They are still hanging out!

I'm dead serious about that lip gloss.