A man is a man when he can plan

Ok, so last night I might have had 3 glasses and wine and few cocktails. Ok, by "might" i mean i did. My friend's boyfriend went the way of the douche-bag so I needed to take her out. And for some reason we decided it would be fun to pretend we are 25 again - and it was.

We went to a bar in the east village that only 25 yr-olds could appreciate. Almost immideiately i fell in love with the cute, sarcastic, fully sleeved tattood doorman/boy (who likely is 25). Then he told me is a grad student in philosphy and i nearly proposed.

This kind of dude is so my type and yet, on a deeper level, i know that this should so not be my type.

I chatted and flirted and he asked for my number. He texted me a few hours later saying it was a pleasure to meet me and asked me out. His follow up time was in less than 24 hours! I began planning our wedding and how i would explain the tattoos to my grandparents.

I responded in the morning and our conversation went something like this:

doorman/boy: "Would you like to get a drink this weekend?"

Me: "I can't do this weekend, but how about next week?"

doorman/boy: "Sure, what day works for you?"

Me: "Work is crazy busy now, but i can definitely do friday." (one whole week away)

doorman/boy: "No worries, school is pretty busy for me as well."

Me: "So shall we say friday?"

silence. nothing. nada. zip. zilch. 

Looks like his backpedal time is equally impeccable: 26 hours.