100FD Guest Dater: Camille, from the left coast

My good friend moved from NYC to San Francisco last year. I've been dying to have her share one of her dates with us. But first, i want to know what dating is like in SF compared to NYC...

She says:

There is a big difference between the type of guys that live in SF and NYC. I noticed right away when browsing online profiles.  The guys here always include a picture of themselves dressed in a Halloween costume (in general costumes and costume parties are a big thing in SF,  for example this weekend I am going to a 30th bday and I am expected to dress like a Colombian drug lord.?!?!) and/or a picture of the themselves dressed in hiking clothes on top of mountain.  It's really funny how similar all the guys are out here. 

Instead of meeting poor artist or wall streeters like you do in NYC, every dude here is involved in tech companies or is starting up their own software design firm. I swear that is the only job to have in the bay area.  In general i have found that guys are looking to settle down more here and seem nicer. Most of the girls I work with think dating in SF is hard, but I always tell them NYC is fucking cruel. I mean how can girls in NYC compete with models?  My only competition here is the cute Asian girls, and the outdoorsy girls who wear Tevas to the bar.

100FD Questionnaire

How did you meet? We met on OKCupid

Name: Chris

Height: 6 ft.

Age:  40

Occupation: in a band and some blue collar job

Good quotes from date

"I would go down on you for hours" 

"I could make you cum twice"

Why is he still single?   I think because he is 40, in a punk band and maybe not the sharpest tool in the tool box.  But all that said he is fuckin hot!! Skinny fit body, fully covered tattoo arms, and full head of thick hair.


Did he pay for the date? I bought my first glass of wine because I got there before him, and then he bought me a beer.  He did complain how expensive the wine was so I didn't ask for a glass of wine but said I would have beer, which he paid for. I was kinda surprised that he was complaining about a 14 dollar glass of wine with a big pour but then I realized I am jaded from coming from NYC.

Did he contact you after the date? Yes he texted me to say he had a nice time.

How many dates did you go on?  1

Would you recommend to a friend? NO because he is mine!  but yes I would, he is nice and cute.

Comments:  He is coming on a little strong and maybe has texted me three times since last night. He also told me several times during our date how cute I was, which for some reason is a turn off to me...but since I am following the 4 man plan I am trying to date different guys and step out of my comfort zone.  Plus I am really in the market for a guy I can casually date and have hot sex with.


Thank you, C, for sharing a date from San Francisco! We all need a hot guy in our lives to casually date, who, according to him, "can go down for hours." However I am curious about why it would take hours to make you finish just two times...seems like he needs better time management skills.

Please send pictures of this "Colombian drug lord" costume birthday. That is beyond hilarious. What about drug lords from other countries? Are they allowed to go?

We miss you here on the right coast.