100FD Guest Dater: Carly, Good on Paper...

not so good in life. Carly, a single gal in NYC tells us about her night. 


100FD Questionnaire

How did you meet? Okcupid

Name: Elan

Height: Well, he states 6' on his profile but was actually closer to 5' 9"

Age: 27

Occupation: Freelance film editor/producer/writer

Good quotes from date


Guy: "My mom was married to the guy who wrote 'Rain Man' before she met my dad."

Me: "Wow that is so ironic, because that is my nickname!!!!" (I was bored and looking for a reaction - nothing.)

Why is he still single? He speaks with a monotone voice, has nothing interesting to say, and is about as witty and funny as wilted asparagus. And he looks like someone placed a fat baby's head on a teenage boy's body.

Did he pay for the date? Ha, he asked me out and explicitly said "I want to take you to dinner", then picked the (crappy hole in the wall/terrible food) restaurant.

And WE SPLIT the bill. Not only did he waste two hours of my night (approx $185 of my time) he wasted $50 of my money on crappy food.  Unacceptable. Kind of want to send him an invoice. ;-) 

Did he contact you after the date? Well it's only been like 16 hours. However, being that I cringed when he tried to touch my arm, violently pulled my leg away when he tried to put his hand on it, and yawned every 20 minutes, I would be thunderstruck surprised if this man/boy ever contacted me again. 

How many dates did you go on? One, ONE TOO MANY!!! Painful, PAINFUL. 

Would you recommend to a friend? Absolutely, if she was having trouble falling asleep and wanted to be bored into a coma. I would highly recommend this man. 

Comments: But all that said he was VERY sweet, we had very similar interests and he was very attractive on paper. Just goes to show you how powerful pheromones and a sense of humor are. NEXT.


I have so many favorite parts of this date I don't know where to begin. Invoicing a bad date for your time? Best idea ever. A man saying "I'll take you to dinner" and then splitting the bill? Bad manners. The Rain Man joke? Priceless (I laughed out loud).