Nugget o' the day: Love is my Law... Passion is my Worship

Sometimes people ask: Why are you still single? To answer, I send them this recent message:



Michael here, I am very outgoing, unpredictable, honest, loyal, sensitive, sincere, and have a sarcastic and sometimes silly sense of humor... I like trying new things, am adventurous, and creative. I like comedy clubs, movies, traveling, dining out, shopping, live music, and just about any new experience/ I like a woman who has mind of her own and speak to whats in her heart.

I hunger I am DEEPER than you think to be an obstruction of your mind.
I thirst for you to figure me out. 

You have now entered my masquerade. You can uncover your facade.

I believe myself to be genuine and I would never betray the ones I love.
I value my family and those who are REAL.
I like to be fascinated by the anomalous.
I am constantly thinking
Inspire Me... Intrigue Me...Indulge Me... with your mind then your Body
I have Loved... Lost... and Learned.
Love is my Law... Passion is my Worship
Nature and Sensuality are my Shelter and Companion
Peace and Order are my Attitude
Perfection is my Attack
I crave for Passion...for knowledge...for Life!


Excuse me...I have to go throw up.