3 Days Left...3 Things I Can't Refuse on a Date

Only three full days left for eligible men to audition to be my 100th date. What will we do on our date? I can't say for sure, but it will likely include food and drink.

Here are 3 things to imbibe and inhale that I can't say no to:

1. TEQUILA - I'm a lady who doesn't like sweet flavors, so naturally tequila and I are besties because she is always paired with sour lemon, or lime, smokey, spicy salty goodness. 


2. CHEESE - I am 100% Italian stock. Bring me a plate of different cheeses with toasty bread and olives and I'm happy. Throw in some cured meats and I'm yours forever (or until the waiter takes my plate away). 

3. FRENCH FRIES - Again with the salt. Not too thin, not too thick fries, frites, I don't care what they're called please get in my belly ASAP. And be accompanied by various dipping sauces such as: chipotle aioli, honey mustard, curry chili ketchup, blue cheese bacon walnut mayo...um, oh god...excuse me...I have to run over to my favorite bar, Spritzenhaus, and eat these RIGHT NOW.