Guest Post: Romantic ideas for the New Year

I don't know about you but I'm still saying happy new year to people and it's February. Maybe I'm in denial. I'm absolutely in denial about the state of this winter. The polar vortex has taken it's toll on my aging body and soul. Ugg boots and Netflix are my regular dates.

But if I did have a lover this winter I would take Ivy's advice on how to keep romance alive.


Ivy works works for a romantic retreat that aims to add a little something special to your relationship.

Romantic ideas for the New Year

If you’re anything like me, you fear the pressure of having a huge New Years blowout and crave the intimacy of a cosy night in with your special one. I know to a lot of people this seems insane and completely and selfishly reclusive, but if you are your partner are up for a night alone, I promise you there is no better way to spend your NYE. However, I would encourage that if you do decide on this route, do something special like stay at a hotel in the city or go for a drive to the country and spend the night in a different place, not in your own home.

For starters, there may be a romantic retreat close to home that you didn’t even know about, like the hidden gem Japanese Mountain Retreat, a romantic getaway that’s only a stones throw from the city. Or if you want to go for a bit more of a trip, or even go on a jaunt overseas, I have a few more extravagant suggestions that make the most of the winter chilly season!

Finland offers a beautiful winter wonderland for you and your partner to explore, while also enjoying the comforts of a cosy mountain cottage among the trees and soft white snow. When people talk about exotic tropical holidays, I don’t quite get the appeal, what’s more romantic that a timber cottage with a roaring fire and your partner by your side?

Similarly, Norway offers arctic delights with some exciting activities on offer like dog sledding, snowmobiles, boats and skiing.

Switzerland, the home of the majestic Swiss Alps have igloo villages that you and your partner can enjoy, they also happen to be state of the art, offering all the mod cons of any regular romantic accommodation. You can be immersed in nature and eat delicious meals while engaging in a environmentally friendly village that aims to have very minimal impact on the environment. Amazing.

While Europe sure does offer some winter delights (it has ALL the mountains) America sure does offer some beautiful vistas in Colorado, New York state, and even further north to Canada in Nova Scotia.