Guest Post: Yoga for the Single Girl

Hi Fellow 100fd'ers! 

I am Laura from Joyful Shimmy and a fellow single girl in NYC. I blog about my experiences trying new adventures, fitness classes, and life musings as I go through the journey of falling in love with myself because let's face it sometimes OKCupid can make you a tad bit depressed.

A few weeks ago, I saw an article about this workshop that combined yoga and love focusing on the single girl. I invited my fellow 100fd for a date  although she was booked :-(. I decided to still go and check out the experience and write you a fun report about the class.

First off the class was in Brooklyn which is not my borough. I actually live in Jersey City but I have to say that it was a hop stop commute of 20 minutes which was nice and well let's be honest it opened my dating pool to Brooklyn. I now accept dates from guys who live in Brooklyn (Cobble Hill and DUMBO preferred).

The class was composed of 15 young and hip single girls who have plenty of stories to tell about their NYC dating woes and who are looking for love. Class  started off in a circle full of introductions and just acknowledgement of each others experience. Let me share to the world that my experience in this area well is a funny story of my craziness about  2 years ago that I made an ultimatum to God that if I didn't get laid within 6 months from the date I would join a convent. No I didn't join a convent but I found burlesque and a fitness class addiction. 

After introductions, we then move to the mat. We did our asana and a couple of much needed meditations. The class was concluded with  a journal writing exercises that asked us to reflect on this experience and what lessons we can bring back to our home practice. What I noticed is that by bringing this intention of love into the mat, I was able to create a higher level of energy within me. I noticed that I was open to meet new people and share a part of me that is often hiding out of fear of what others would think of me.

I ended up chatting with a few girls after class, and I noticed that we had similar interests and things in common. We decided to join the rest of the group for dinner and drinks at a local bar. Well the rest of the evening went great full of conversation, great drinks, and future meetups. I remember leaving inspired after class as I was reminded that in this crazy dating world sometimes I can just try something new, meet new people, get out of my comfort zone, embrace what feels good.


Thanks so much, Laura, for sharing your experience with us. This comes at a perfect time for me because I'm getting back into yoga (again). I've practiced for about 12 years and I go through stages where it's all I do and then it's something I rarely do. I don't know why because it's something I really love to do.

I joined a studio by work and I plan to make yoga a big part of my life again, because, I couldn't agree more with Laura - it just feels good. It's for the mind, the body, and it's for YOU. It helps you accept and love yourself no matter your level or your mood and it challenges you to live in the moment, breath by breath.

We all need to do more of that more often.