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This summer I've spent less time dating (good-bye OkCupid!) and more time reading books like a normal human. Here are some great reads in no particular order.

French Women Don't Sleep Alone

This french woman taught me to wear skirts more, to show off either my legs, or my chest (but not both at the same time), to lather myself in fragrant lotions daily, and to always wear sexy lingerie - not for men but for myself. A side effect is that men


notice you in the process.

I've tried many of these things and I have noticed men looking at me in a non-creepy way. I will not tell you how many pairs of hole-y underwear I tossed (many). She also says that American women treat dating too much like a job, that we should get to know men slowly, and meet them through friends in group settings. Oh, and we definitely shouldn't sleep with them until we want a relationship with them. Mmmm...I'm still learning.

Gone Girl

Recommended by friend and blogger,


, I can't say anything more about this book lest I spoil the whole thing. However I will say this - Forget everything you think you know about marriage and relationships. The couple's relationship in this book will eff you up. I couldn't put it down.

The Power of Habit

I haven't finished it. Habit number one to change: finish non-fiction books! I have a serious problem. I've been half-way through five non-fiction books for years now. But what I've read so far is really interesting.

Fifty Shades of Grey 

If you haven't read this by now, stop reading this blog and get on it. Seriously, you and your libido will thank me.


A heavy read, but a must read. This is the only non-fiction book I've finished in years because it's written like fiction. The story of Louie a WWII American pilot and prisoner of war in Japan is so unbelievably inspiring I was left speechless and teary eyed. Humans are evil and humans are amazing.

The Gaggle:How the Guys You Know Will Help You Find the Love You Want

Feel like you have no love life? You're wrong. You just need to find your "gaggle" and realize that men are all around you.

The Art of Fielding

Don't worry this isn't a book about baseball. It's about friendship, love and believing in yourself but it's not overly sentimental. You get to know each character intimately. I haven't finished it yet but I'm hooked.