Keep it Short and Sweet

Mother Nature is obviously a comedian. To go from summer T-shirt weather to layers of coats, hats, and scarves in a matter of days is a great joke, and we humans are the punchline. 

Top that off with darkness closing in on us at 4pm, no one ever has to ask what I'm doing every night. It's this: 

  • Leave work around 6pm and get home as quickly as possible
  • Change into sweatshirt, sweatpants, and wooly socks as quickly as possible
  • Flip through Hulu or Netflix to decide what will entertain me for the next few hours
  • Flip through the new dating app Happn that is like Tinder but way better because the creeps are still on Tinder (ssshhh!)

Last night I engaged in a "conversation" with a 32 year old dude who moved to the hard-hitting questions right away. After our stimulating initial exchange about where we "crossed paths", (locality is the crux of the app, though he couldn't wrap his head around that fact that we didn't LITERALLY walk past each other on 46th St.), he got to the really important stuff - the stuff that determines if two humans who are looking for true love are a good fit...


...No response.

I'm 5'7 but this guy wasn't getting the truth from me. Anyone so focused on this question is not someone I'd like to get to know better. Different app, same problems.