86. June 2013: Matt, Well, ah...Eh

How did you meet? Online

Name: Matt

Height: 5'9"

Age: 37

Occupation:  architect

Good quotes from date(s): "We finally meet."

Why is he still single? He's quiet and shy

Did he pay for the date?  Yes

Did he contact you after the date? Nope

How many dates did you go on? 1

Would you recommend to a friend? eh.


I hid my online profile for the past two months because I was too busy living real life. Matt and I had exchanged numbers before I went offline. We finally met up last week.

I don't have much to comment on, only that he was nice, a bit quiet, we had two drinks and we both never wanted to see each other again. I was bored and excited to finish my second drink so I could go home and watch Netflix. 

Let this be an example that if you haven't met someone after two months of emails and text messages, but you want to give in to the slim chance that he might be "the one" so you eventually make a date - don't. Just. Don't. 

Trust that this weirdo, stupid universe is on your side and he's probably not the one. So forget him and keep going forward. Because time doesn't move backwards and neither should you.