43. May 2011: Less than Magical

How did you meet? online

Name: Dave

Height: 6'

Age: 30

Occupation: international development

Good quotes from date:  not one damn thing.

Why is he still single?  Perhaps because he's boring, has no sense of humor, and will look at your boobs while you talk? 


Did he pay for the date? no siree, we went dutch. thankfully he left a 20% tip.

Did he contact you after the date? no

How many dates did you go on? it was barely a date. it lasted one excruciating hour. 

Would you recommend to a friend? no, no, no


Sadly, the highlights of this date were the before: the lovely walk to the bar in the warm spring breeze (I even wore a dress; i was feeling flirty) and the after: the delicious Vietnamese sandwich i got on the way home for dinner.

The during part consisted of me asking banal, small-talk questions to which he answered with one word or less.

When i got home i relayed this sad date story to my roommate/great friend (also single):

Me: "How do you know when someone is the one?"

Her: "When its magical."

I'm still waiting, hoping, and praying for magic to come my way.