In the Dark and Yet I See

I just got back from seeing the amazing live show where radio and science meet, Radiolab. This show called "In the Dark" took us to as far back as 700 million years before any species had eyes to see light, and as far forward as into space, where according to an astronaut they interviewed, the dark in space is the darkest of darks you can't even imagine. 

In between they spoke to two men who saw the world and then went blind; one dealt with it by choosing to picture nothing because any other way would be a lie; the other picturing everything because his mind's reality was his truth.

In the lobby I saw date #14 but walked on by. I also saw date #74, my final OkCupid date from Sunday.  He stopped to chat and I met his sister. He is cuter than I remembered.

As the show came to an end, we were told to turn on the tiny LED lights we'd been given. The theater lights dimmed and the audience became a sea of stars as the astronaut finished his tale. Every person was a light with darkness in between - some lights wavered, some remained steady, while some didn't turn on at all. 

Here is what I know, which isn't much. Brooklyn is a tiny hamlet in a great, big world in a deep, dark universe. Sometimes the universe opens our eyes to things we didn't know were there. And, sometimes we have to close our eyes to see the truth. 

If you have a chance to see Radiolab Live you should take it. You never know what or who you're going to see.