What Happens When You Delete Your OkCupid Profile

First they yell at you:

  • This is PERMANENT! Your messages, essays, questions, etc. will be removed, and no matter how many emails you send us, we can’t restore them.
    • How will I ever remember how to self-summarize myself or how I would feel about my imaginary boyfriend snuggling with his platonic woman-friend in bed. Gee wiz...
  • This will not free up your username! That is locked forever, to avoid ambiguity. Your email address, however, will be freed in case you want to sign up again.
    • By the end, I despised my username and the creep-o ways that men twisted it in introduction emails.
  • We’ll stop sending emails, but you may get one or two stray emails this week.
    • Fine.

Then they really want to know:  

Why are you leaving us?

  •  Bahaha! Imagine that happened...no? I can't either.

  • I pray to Jesus this happens. And that elsewhere means real life.

  • There aren't enough [SANE] people in my area.

  • I got too many messages from [CRAZY CREEPERS] I'm not interested in.

  • The ads never bothered me.

And Finally:

Yes, please refer to my blog www.100fd.com. See every post. This explains everything.