2013: A Year of New Everything

Hi all. First, let me apologize for not writing too much in the past month. Life, you see, was happening all around me and I decided to live it rather than write about it. Second, let me wish you all a happy new year. It's 2013 and the Mayans were wrong! We're still here.

I danced away 2012 with some good friends and woke up excited about what is to come. No, I did not make any resolutions. Remember last year I resolved to get a boyfriend (in a tongue n' cheek sorta way)? Did not happen.

But what did happen in 2012 was so much better. 

I DO have boy-friends...men who came into my life and who I got to know very well this past year, and in many ways are more special than any one boyfriend. I have a man friend for rock climbing and biking and comedy shows, and another friend for dinners and movies and watching TV and for calling me out on my shit. I have another man for going to new bars and for skiing and other adventures. These friendships are real, make me feel whole and loved, and fulfill my many different needs. 

In 2012, I focused more on my real friendships with men and women and as a result had less time for dating. I was happier. I won't stop dating but finding a "boyfriend" is no longer a priority in my life. My only priority is my happiness. Not a resolution, but more a raison d'etre. 

For me 2013 is full of NEW. A new job in a new career field and a new roommate. Actually, she's my old roommate and a great friend, but that's another story that involves my previous roommate being a passive-aggressive man-baby...but never mind, that's so 2012.

Right now I exist in that sweet spot in between jobs. I have no boss, no schedule, and no obligations. I'm finishing up my last few days of this life-vacation in warm Florida. I will catch you all on the flip side. 

What are your dreams for 2013?